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I stumbled into the kitchen after three hours of sleep. Late afternoon light seeped in from the frozen windows. It was the middle of winter, two weeks away from Christmas. It wasn't the funnest time to have the night watches. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat across the table from Mason. He had a book open in front of him paired with a cup of coffee much larger than mine. I groaned, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Mason glanced up at me then back to his book. "Nightmare?" he asked, casually turning a page.

"Yeah. I barely got any sleep." I answered, taking a sip from my steaming cup. Nightmares were not uncommon in this household. Nobody actually talked about them, but we all know who they were about.


At least once every night, someone would wake up screaming. Mason and Harley had them the worst. Mason was still beating himself up over what had happened five years ago. Poor Harley was following behind him, scared by the power of divination she had inherited. But they weren't the only ones, we were all suffering.

Hayley came downstairs at that point. Mason rushed up from the table and to her side, helping her. Hayley pulled her hand from his and glared. "I'm pregnant. Not crippled." She walked over to the table, leaving him stunned in the doorway. I laughed and gave her my seat. I set my empty cup in the sink.

"I'm going to head out. See you out there." Both of them were on watch tonight, along with Jayson. Jayson was doing double shifts, and he had been out since eight this morning. Our shift got at two in the morning. I went upstairs and got dressed. I put on a warm long sleeved shirt, long johns, jeans, and three pairs of socks. I braided my hair back and pulled my hat on. I was putting on my boots when a bright flash lit up my darkening room. "Brooklyn!" Mason yelled from downstairs. "THE BARRIER!" We still had a barrier, but we went on watches to have that extra protection. I grabbed my jacket and ran down the stairs, putting it on as I went. In the living room, Hayley and Mason were fighting.

"---can go!" Hayley said. Mason sighed puttin gon his own jacket. "You have to watch the girls and our own." Mason said putting his hand on her stomach. "Please." She reluctantly nodded. I heard a cry from upstairs. She kissed Mason and disappeared up the stairs. Our wands buzzed.

"They are attacking. We are out numbered. We need help." Ivy's voice yelled from the tip. Mason and I ran outside and into the woods. We could hear fighting in the distance towards the direction of the clearing. We burst into the open area, finding a full blown battleground. We looked at each other then went to work. I got seperated from Mason, but I was still fighting as hard as I could. I found myself battling Ayden. He looked a lot older than what we had thought. His hair was streaked with gray, and dark circles darkened his eyes.

"Not getting enough sleep?" I yelled at him. He let out a breathy laugh.

"Yeah, your sister has been he---" His eyes went blank then focused on me with a glare. "We'll be back."

"Wait! No!" With another bright flash, all of David's fighters disappeared. "Wait." I fell to my knees, tears falling down my face. What did he mean? Your sister has been held? heard?,  I thought to myself.

"Brooklyn! Are you hurt?" Ivy knelt beside me.

"He mentioned Caleigh." I said to her, wiping away my tears. Everyone gathered around me. I hadn't realized how many people had come out. I was surrounded by Xaivor, Kyle, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, Emily, Dad, Jayson, and Ivy.

"What did he say?" Mason asked.

"He said your sister has been he--, and then his eyes went blank." I explained.

"All of their eyes went black, then they left." Emily looked around at us. "Why did they suddenly disappear? They have never back down from a fight before." Mason shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess we will never know."
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November 23, 2012
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